Ohio EPA

photo of Lake Erie

More than $20 million could soon be pumped into projects that help keep Lake Erie clean. Most of that money would help fund equipment that limits nutrient runoff from farmland. But there are state leaders and environmental advocates who say that’s not good enough.

The bill would increase funding for voluntary projects that battle harmful algae blooms in the Lake Erie watershed. Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler argues data shows that the voluntary programs aren’t doing enough.

photo of Lake Erie

Gov. John Kasich found himself in some hot water after saying in a recent speech that he doesn’t believe Lake Erie is impaired, contradicting a declaration from his own Environmental Protection Agency in March. Now Kasich is clarifying those comments. 

Kasich told the Michigan Press Association convention last weekend that the open waters of Lake Erie aren’t impaired and shouldn’t have that designation. He now says he fears environmentalists may have taken his comments out of context.

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Photo of dangerous algae bloom in Lake Erie

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is asking for broad public input on its plan to have the open waters of western Lake Erie declared impaired under the federal Clean Water Act.  And a leading group opposed to the state agency’s decision is encouraging its supporters to offer feedback, too.