Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger


The top leader in the Ohio House is speaking out about the resignation of former Representative Wes Goodman who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenager.  The House speaker says he never heard about the accusation.

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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, November 2nd:

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There have been occasional disagreements between Ohio’s Republican-dominated House and Senate and fellow Republican Gov. John Kasich. But he’d issued more than a hundred vetoes in his seven years in office without one being overturned.

In a day, that changed dramatically.

For the first time in 40 years, state lawmakers voted to override a budget veto. And they did it 11 times, leaving only 36 of Kasich’s 47 vetoes, which were the most he’d ever issued on a spending plan. 

Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Allegra Boverman / NHPR

Ohio House members voted to override some of Gov. John Kasich’s Medicaid-related vetoes today but not a key one.

For now, that means Ohio will not end Medicaid expansion next summer. But legislators could revisit the issue through the end of 2018. And they did override a veto of another provision in the state budget that gives them more authority over spending in the public health-insurance program.