Ohio House

Democrats, who are in the minority in the Ohio House and Senate, have set their priorities for the coming year.  Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.


When lawmakers come back to the Statehouse, Republicans in the House are likely to push a bill changing the rules for unemployment compensation and on fetal remains from abortions.

Sen. Keith Faber

Lawmakers will be coming back to Columbus later this month to pick up some bills left unfinished last year. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler has details on what Statehouse leaders want to work on.

In the Senate

Montage of Statehouse protests

It was a busy year in the Ohio House: More than 400 bills were proposed, dealing with some of the most challenging issues in the state. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler sat down with the leaders of the House to talk about what happened – and what’s ahead.

photo of Keith Faber

This year brought some controversial issues before the Ohio Senate, and some of them are likely to circle back around in the year ahead.  Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler talked with the leaders of the state Senate.


Senate President Keith Faber and Minority Leader Joe Schiavoni are not new at this – they’ve been in leadership for three years now, and are used to sparring over issues related to the budget and tax policy.

Photo of Ginter
The Ohio House of Representatives

The Ohio House has passed a bill to help pets who need emergency medical care. 

Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles explains.

It’s rare that the House votes unanimously for anything, but lawmakers all agreed on this bill. Its sponsor, Republican Rep. Tim Ginter, says the legislation allows emergency medical personnel to provide treatment to animals.