Ohio public universities

photo of Inter-University Council presentation

A coalition of public universities is touting a study that says income from schools, their students and alumni adds up to $42 billion pumped into the state’s economy.

The Inter-University Council of Ohio says a public university student ends up making more than $4 for every $1 spent on tuition.

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program logo

The state’s new medical marijuana program is supposed to begin a little more than a year from now. But there are still lots of questions, such as who will grow the plants, what conditions they’ll be grown under, and who will do lab testing on the cannabis before patients get access to it.

The state’s new medical marijuana program calls for a public university to test the plants. But, so far, none has stepped forward, although at least one private company says it will work with an unnamed public university to do the testing.  

Ohio's College Costs Are Among the Highest in the Country

Apr 28, 2016
Picture of Sen. Sherrod Brown
U.S. Senator

Ohio is near the bottom in college affordability and state funding to help students pay for a college degree, according to a University of Pennsylvania study.

The study ranks Ohio 45th in the nation when it comes to affordability and financial support. And it says the state has the fourth-most expensive public colleges.