Ohio report cards

photo of Ohio Board of Education meeting

Ohio Board of Education members will wait until the fall to consider a resolution that proposes some drastic changes to the state report cards for schools and school districts. A delay on the resolution doesn’t mean the end of discussions about potential modifications.

The resolution before board members Tuesday recommended scrapping the A to F grading scale on the current state report cards, among a number of other changes.

The board voted to delay consideration of the resolution until November.

Ohio's Standardized Tests May Just be too Easy

May 28, 2018
photo of Ohio Department of Education building

A new Stanford University analysis of state and national test scores shows more Ohio students pass state exams than similar nationwide tests. Researchers say that means the state’s proficiency standards are too low.

The analysis by Stanford’s Hoover Institution looks at NAEP scores, or the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The NAEP test is the only exam that compares academic progress across states.