Ohio Statehouse

Chris Long
Jo Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

Recent resignations at the Statehouse over inappropriate sexual behavior are on the radar of some who say some of those incidents need to be investigated.

Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long says more investigation is needed into the resignations of Republican state Sen. Cliff Hite, Republican Rep. Wes Goodman and Senate Democratic Chief of Staff Mike Premo and former Rep. Wes Goodman.


The top leader in the Ohio House is speaking out about the resignation of former Representative Wes Goodman who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenager.  The House speaker says he never heard about the accusation.

Ohio Statehouse
State of Ohio

Two Republican state lawmakers and a Democratic Senate staffer have resigned in the last month – all over what’s been termed “inappropriate behavior." This raises the question of whether there is a culture at the Statehouse that attracts or encourages behavior that makes people feel uncomfortable or afraid. 

Rep. Cliff Rosenberger

There has been an escalating flurry of rumors at the Statehouse ever since a senator was accused of sexually propositioning a staffer.

Since then, complaints of various types of harassment against three representatives have surfaced.

tax form

Ten months ago, state lawmakers created a bipartisan panel with the power to review the state budget and make recommendations for ending billions in tax loopholes. Now that group has met for the first time. 

The six lawmakers will review the more than 120 credits, exemptions and other tax breaks in the budget, which amount to around $9 billion a year.  Tax Commissioner Joe Testa was the first witness before the panel, which he says is a great idea.