Ohio Statehouse

photo of Ohio Statehouse

The fight over who will lead the Ohio House throughout the end of this year has spilled over into chaos.

photo of Ohio Statehouse

The House and Senate are working on moving bills through their chambers through the next two weeks before going on summer break. This is a critical time for bills lawmakers want to pass assuming their next chance won’t be until after the November election.

Habitat Builds a House at the Statehouse

Apr 11, 2018
photo of habitat home in front of statehouse

It’s not uncommon to see a tent on the Statehouse grounds – but the beginnings of a full-sized house right outside the west stairs of the building was unusual. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler has more on why. Lawmakers were invited to swing hammers to help create some framing that would be moved to a home site in Marysville. Habitat for Humanity brought the tools and supplies to the Statehouse to raise awareness of what the organization does – and doesn’t do.

Room with speaker, audience
Andy Chow / Statehouse News

A House panel listened to hours of testimony against a plan that would overhaul the state’s education system. The proposal would consolidate departments into one large education agency that would answer directly to the governor. As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, many of the people lined up to speak against the bill are parents who homeschool their kids.

A longtime state representative is formally apologizing for comments he made at a going away party earlier this week – comments that had other lawmakers fuming and calling for an investigation. 

Republican Rep. Bill Seitz of Cincinnati says in a letter to House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and members of the Ohio House that he has “deep regret and remorse” for comments made at the going-away party and roast for the Republican caucus’ chief of staff.