Ohio Supreme Court

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Ohio energy companies win some and lose some.  This week they lost a benefit in the new state budget that would have allowed them to charge customers more in order to achieve better credit ratings.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French
Ohio Supreme Court

The Ohio Supreme Court heard arguments today over whether a northeast Ohio man is entitled to the full report on DNA testing and other evidence. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more on the arguments in a death-penalty case that has stretched on for nearly three decades.

Justice Judith French

The Ohio Supreme Court will rule on whether the free speech rights of people living with HIV are violated by a law requiring they disclose their status to potential sexual partners

In July 2014, Orlando Batista was indicted in Hamilton County for felonious assault – for having sex with his girlfriend without telling her he’s HIV positive. He admitted in court that he had also infected at least two other women, one of whom passed the virus onto their child.

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Kids under 13 can’t be charged with rape in Ohio. But the Ohio Supreme Court will decide if they can be charged with other sex crimes if both involved in the act were under 13. The question surrounds arguments in a case involving a 12-year-old and a 9-year-old.

Not much is known about what happened between the boys. So attorney David Strait argued charging the 12-year-old with gross sexual imposition violates his rights because Ohio law protects kids under 13.

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The Ohio Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that a student’s constitutional rights were not violated by a search of an unattended book bag that led to the discovery of a gun.

In 2013, officials at Columbus’ Whetstone High School found a gun in 18-year-old Joshua Polk’s backpack. They were led to Polk after first finding bullets and an item that had Polk’s name on it in another bookbag left on a school bus.