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Historic Mill Creek Park
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Local parks in Ohio could be forced into oil and gas “drilling units” if the state Senate adopts the budget bill as passed by the House. Managers and supporters of many local parks, including in northeast Ohio, are joining efforts to keep that from happening.

An amendment to H.B. 49 — the state operating budget — says if 65 percent of property owners around a proposed oil and  gas “drilling unit” agree to be part of it, the other 35 percent can be forced to join. That can include public entities like park districts -- although state parks are exempted.

photo of child with asthma

Children in Ohio suffered about 30,000 asthma attacks this summer, according to environmental researchers.  Advocates are using the study to call for changes to oil and gas regulations.

A group called the Clean Air Task Force says smog causes asthma attacks in thousands of kids.

photo of Gov. Kasich's oil and gas drilling executive order

Ohio is rolling out a new response system in the case of oil and gas drilling emergencies. 

Gov. John Kasich signed an executive order creating a 24/7 emergency hotline for oil and gas companies.

Calling the number is a one-stop-shop that will connect the drilling operation with state services from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to the Environmental Protection Agency to the State Fire Marshal.

Wedding Venue at Atwood Lake Resort

Clarification: The county has not plans to reopen the lodge but says it will look for a new operator and at other options.

March 19th is the last day for Atwood Lodge.  The company that has been running it since 2012 says the lodge and golf complex is losing too much money too quickly to keep it open. 

Atwood Lake Resort was struggling four years ago when Carroll County accepted it as a donation from the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. 

Policy Matters Ohio logo

Natural gas closed at a 17-year price low today. And low prices have raised reservations from lawmakers about the strength of Ohio’s oil and gas industry. But one group is still calling for an increase to the drilling tax.

A struggling market for natural gas has led top Republican and Democratic leaders to hold back on increasing the so-called fracking tax. But the liberal-leaning think tank, Policy Matters Ohio, says data shows companies pumped more natural gas from the state’s shale last year than the year before.