opioid epidemic

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As the primary comes closer, the four Democratic men who would like to be Ohio’s next governor are talking up their ideas to battle the state’s opioid crisis. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports the options range from using Ohio’s rainy-day fund to medical marijuana.

If you ask state Sen. Joe Schiavoni about how to stem the rising tide of opioid deaths in Ohio, he’ll tell you he’s been pushing a proposal to deal with that.


Though an estimated 11 Ohioans a day are dying from fatal opioid-related overdoses, fewer opioid pills are being prescribed to patients in Ohio. 


Prescription pain pills

In reaction to the opioid crisis, the Joint Commission on Health Care, the nation’s largest accreditation organization for hospitals, recommends a conservative approach in using medication for pain. And that may lead to chiropractic care being more involved in pain management in Ohio.

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