Pro Football Hall of Fame

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Here are your morning headlines for Monday, April 16:

fence around the Hall of Fame Village Hotel construction area

The first of at least three public forums on how the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village project may affect neighborhoods near it was held Tuesday evening in Canton. 

It was a public gathering but not a traditional presentation. A hundred or so residents circulated among information tables around the room with maps and fact sheets on parts of the project.

Attendees like Larry Fisher of the Meyers Lake neighborhood were disappointed not to see a comprehensive view.  

Jounson Controls Hall of Fame Village website

Canton City Council has been putting off authorizing the signing of a set of contracts with Pro Football Hall of Fame Village for a services and joint plans.  But a vote is expected tonight.

For the past three weeks, an item on council's agenda to let city administrators finalize operational agreements with Pro Football Hall of Fame village has been moved to the next meeting.

Council Finance Committee Chairman John Mariol says some details needed to be sorted out. But, that’s done.

Rinkert Building in Canton
Tim Rudell / WKSU

The historic Rinkert Building in downtown Canton was auctioned off Wednesday. At 10 stories, the more than a century-old office tower was Canton’s first "skyscraper." 

The winning bid of just under a million dollars came from the Canton Downtown Land Bank.  Michael Gill is director of the Canton Development Partnership, which includes the private, non-profit land bank.  He says the building will likely be converted into residential use with ground-floor retail space.

Hall of Fame Village plan
Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton is now a nationally accredited museum.  It’s the first major sports hall of fame to hold that designation. 

Like the Smithsonian or the Ohio History Center in Columbus the Pro Football Hall of Fame is now on the register of the American Alliance of Museums