Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

photo of utilities budget provision

Leaders in the House and Senate are on the brink of approving a provision that would allow power companies to add another fee to your electric bill. The idea is to boost the utilities’ credit ratings.

The line item in the budget would give the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio the authority to allow price hikes in order to raise a utility’s credit rating.

Senate President Keith Faber

The Ohio Senate has rejected a major appointment by Gov. John Kasich. As statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, this could be a sign of friction among Ohio’s top Republicans.

Months of tension between the Senate and Gov. Kasich over his nomination of Columbus lawyer Howard Petricoff to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio culminated this week when a committee voted to reject Petricoff.

The Senate is called to advise and consent on gubernatorial nominations. Usually these committee votes are just a formality.

Senate President Keith Faber

Among the things lawmakers are dealing with in this lame-duck session is whether the Senate will confirm a Democratic lawyer from Columbus to the commission that hears utility rate cases.

Senate President Keith Faber says he and his fellow Republicans have what he calls “significant concerns” about Howard Petricoff and said he wanted to talk to the governor about them, but hasn’t been able to.

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Some power customers are going to see a decrease in their monthly electric bills thanks to a decision by the Ohio Supreme Court. 

For the second time this year, the Supreme Court decided that attaching a fee to electric bills known as the service stability rider or transition revenue was unlawful.

Sammis plant

Ohioans could see a new charge on their electric bills as early as June, now that state regulators have approved plans by FirstEnergy and AEP to guarantee income for struggling coal plants. But opponents of the costs say the fight isn’t over.