Richard Cordray

photo of Richard Cordray and Jerry Springer

Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, August 31:

photo of David Pepper

All four of the declared Democratic candidates for governor have committed to a series of debates beginning in Belmont  County on Sept. 12. But as WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports, much of the focus is on whether a fifth candidate may join them.

The Ohio Democratic Party hopes to hold six gubernatorial debates – three this year and three next. Party Chairman David Pepper says they’ll likely focus on what he says is the damage nearly a decade of Republican control has done to local schools, local governments and local economies.

photo of Corey Lewandowski and Donald Trump

Corey Lewandowski called his former boss "the greatest political phenomenon of our lifetime" in a 30- minute speech to the City Club of Cleveland today. The former campaign manager and still close advisor to President Trump also attacked the media. 

But Lewandowski also had to field some challenging questions from the audience. 

Cordray and President Obama

The only Democrat holding statewide office in Ohio says he won’t follow through on a run for governor he was considering – because he says his favored candidate will be getting into the race.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill said he was interested but wouldn’t make a decision on the governor’s race until January – since he’d have to leave the bench to run. But he now says he’ll be staying where he is.

Richard Cordray

Reporters hoping for clues on whether Richard Cordray will be running for Ohio governor next year got no satisfaction from a conference call today that included the former attorney general and current head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But it wasn't for lack of trying.

The weekly conference call began – as it always does -- with Sen. Sherrod Brown introducing his guest and the topic – and reporters often going completely off that topic.