photo of Cleveland Hopkins airport

Things are running relatively smoothly at Cleveland Hopkins Airport as thousands of visitors  head home now that the Republican National Convention is over.

A computer problem caused four flights to be canceled.

About 600 passengers had to find new flights after Southwest Airlines didn't have the correct airplanes in place. 

The airport’s Interim Director Fred Szabo says other airlines tried to re-book those displaced passengers on their planes.  He says it proved difficult  since they were already nearly filled to capacity.

Cleveland Officials Are Proud of the Job Done on the RNC

Jul 22, 2016
RNC barriers being removed

Cleveland officials were all smiles Friday morning as they gave their final press briefing on the Republican National Convention,  which most people have deemed a big success.

After major concerns about the city not being prepared, they say Cleveland has proven the naysayers wrong.  

WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports on the wrap-up of the relatively trouble-free event.

“Cleveland Rocks!” says Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, echoing the famous rock anthem.

Sokolowski sign

An iconic cafeteria that’s usually closed for dinner on weeknights has extended its hours to help the RNC get a taste of Cleveland.

In today’s Quick Bite WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports the Tremont family restaurant has long been recognized for its authentic Cleveland cuisine.

Featured specials Friday nights at Sokolowski’s University Inn include Chicken Paprikash, smoked Kielbasa, and the specialty of the house, Salisbury steak.

2016 RNC

It's been called the most conservative platform in living memory.

With strong planks rejecting gay marriage and abortion, and calls for inserting religion into public schools and as a guide in lawmaking, the 2016 Republican platform is certainly tailored to appeal to a key constituency of the party, evangelical  voters.  

photo of Cory Booker

One of the Democrats who has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate to run with Hillary Clinton says he flew in to Cleveland to serve as a fact checker for the Republican National Convention.