Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Allegra Boverman / NHPR

The official declaration of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee also marked the official end to John Kasich's presidential hopes in 2016. Friends of Kasich are reflecting on his White House bid.

When Donald Trump exceeded the number of delegates needed for the Republican nomination, thousands of the people inside Quicken Loans Arena stood up to cheer and dance.

While Ohio’s delegates politely applauded, many remained quietly seated.

Some Restaurants Doing Better Than Others During the RNC

Jul 20, 2016
Akin Alafin

Cashing in on business from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland is, in many cases, all about where the miles of security barriers stand. WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports on how some downtown restaurants are faring.

photo of the Arcade

Businesses in downtown Cleveland expect a boost from the Republican National Convention this week.  And that’s part of the reason why some temporary shops have taken up residence at one of the country’s earliest indoor shopping centers, but there’s no guarantee they’ll stay for the long term after the delegates have left town.

There’s a noted difference between the throng of people on East 4th Street and the more relaxed pace in the Victorian-era shopping center just across Euclid Avenue.

photo of police officers in Public Square

Despite a wide spectrum of political viewpoints among convention protesters this week, police have made only a handful of arrests, and they were mostly minor offenses. 

The biggest scuffle so far was at Public Square yesterday with communists, conservative radio host Alex Jones, Bikers for Trump, and the Westboro Baptist Church all on hand.   

One man lunged at another and Police Chief Calvin Williams was caught in the middle and nearly went down according to Police spokesman Jennifer Ciaccia.

Meet the National Anthem Singers of the RNC

Jul 20, 2016
photo of the RNC stage

There are no Ohio politicians scheduled to speak at the four-day Republican National Convention.  So instead of hearing from Governor John Kasich or Senator Rob Portman, delegates and the media will be hearing from locals in a different way.

Clevelanders may have recognized Dan Polk’s classic take on the National Anthem Tuesday night at the RNC.