RNC Cleveland

For months ahead of the RNC, hotels were booked as far as sixty miles out from Cleveland. Then, with Donald Trump becoming the presumptive nominee, some Republicans who don’t support him opted not to attend.


Joe Savarise of the Ohio Hotel & Lodgings Association says there have been cancelled reservations; but there’ve been replacements too.


photo of Ohio delegation breakfast

It’s been another busy day for Republicans in Cleveland, and another busy day for WKSU’s M.L. Schultze who began her day on the second day of the RNC at the breakfast for the Ohio delegation before moving on to other RNC-related events around the city.

The breakfast was an opportunity to sit and watch some of the top names in the Republican Party.  The reason Ohio is important, according to Schultze is “Ohio really matters when it comes to Republicans winning the White House.”

Speeches Flowing on Cleveland's Public Square During RNC

Jul 19, 2016
Vets VS Hate

Cleveland’s redesigned Public Square is serving as a focal point for speeches during this week’s Republican National Convention. A stage on the venue’s south side has been hosting a variety of speakers addressing issues ranging from abortion and immigration to, of course, the presidential candidates. One of today’s speakers was Perry O’Brian, an Afghanistan war veteran who is head of “Vets Versus Hate.”  O ‘Brian accuses presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump of using veterans for political gain.

photo of Strickland's fortune cookie

A campaign gimmick for Democratic former Gov. Ted Strickland ended up backfiring with some community advocates during the RNC in Cleveland. Now his opponent in that US Senate race is responding.

Strickland’s campaign unveiled fortune cookies with the message "Rob Portman: The Best Senator China’s Ever Had". It’s meant to hit Portman’s record on trade deals with China, but fortune cookies were an American creation and Chinese American advocates claim Strickland is capitalizing off of an unfair stereotype.

photo of Rob Portman

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman has been very active with some unconventional activities during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, from helping Habitat for Humanity to kayaking with wounded soldiers. But Portman says the one thing he still doesn’t plan to do is step onto the convention stage. 

While the party favorite both in Ohio and on Capitol Hill, will not be speaking on the convention stage, he has a few things he’d like to hear from Trump during his primetime slot.