Pipeline construction
M.L. Schultze / WKSU

Earlier this month -- for the second time in less than a year -- the Rover Pipeline project had drilling mud that was supposed to come back up from a drill hole disappear underground at its construction site in Stark County. 

As a second of two pipes at the site was being installed about 146,000 gallons never returned to the surface and is unaccounted for.

The Ohio EPA wants drilling shut down until a full investigation can be completed.

Kevin McIntyre newly appointed Chairman of The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The final say on building interstate pipelines, like the controversial NEXUS and ROVER natural gas lines across northern Ohio, rests with FERC—the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  And it’s newly appointed chairman has come on board saying it’s time to review the agency’s pipeline policies. WKSU's Tim Rudell reports.

Kevin McIntyre announced the review at his first meeting as Chairman of FERC.  Noting that the last review was in 1999, he said a fresh look at all issues is needed. 

Alan Wenger

The Senate has confirmed Trump Administration nominees to fill two of four vacant seats on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. That gives FERC enough members for a quorum--meaning it can to do official business again.  Resignations, term expirations and an appointment backlog at the White House left FERC with too few members for major action for six months.