Rover Pipeline

Cleanup of the Tuscarawas River wetlands spill

Builders of the Rover pipeline are going to have to do more testing and may have to pay a bigger penalty linked to the leaking of millions of gallons of drilling mud into a Stark County wetland in April. 

This week, the Ohio EPA said lab work found small amounts of diesel fuel in the lubricating mud that leaked into the wetland, and in mud being disposed of in a quarry south of Massillon.

Rover Spill Clean Up
Ohio EPA

A week ago, there were widespread reports that Ohio EPA fined the owners of the Rover pipeline for environmental violations during ongoing construction of the natural gas transmission system across northern Ohio.  But the fine was more a matter of definition.

OEPA did tell Rover’s parent corporation Energy Transfer that it will have to pay a penalty, in addition to cleaning up recent spills in Ohio, and change a number of its practices.

photo of aftermath of Rover Pipline drilling spill

Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ordered Energy Tranfer Partners to temporarily stop any new pipeline construction that involves drilling underneath rivers. The Ohio EPA  believes this is a step in the right direction but does not resolve the overall dispute with the pipeline company. And the company is refusing to pay a $430,000 fine for multiple spills of millions of gallons of drilling fluid.

Pipeline sections

A battle is brewing between a natural gas pipeline company and the state's top environmental regulators. The Ohio EPA is slapping the pipeline company with a big fine after it spilled millions of gallons of pollution. But that company is refusing to pay up.

The Ohio EPA has issued more than a dozen violations and a $430,000 fine to the company constructing the Rover pipeline, which starts in east Ohio and cuts northwest.

Pipeline sections

A week ago,  an estimated 1.5 million gallons of a fluid used in drilling the underground pathway for the Rover gas pipeline spilled in southwestern Stark County. The accident was in an area where Canton has shallow wells for its water supply.