Rover Pipeline

photo of Tyler Converse at Canton Water Plant
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Canton water officials are assuring residents that water coming out of their tap is safe to drink, despite any discoloration.

The city reduced the amount of water it was pumping from its Sugarcreek wellfield following a spill of drilling mud in April from nearby construction on the Rover Pipeline. The wellfield, is a main source of drinking water for the city.

Pipeline Construction

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is turning to Ohio’s Attorney General to settle its issues with the parent company of the Rover Pipeline project.

State EPA Director Craig Butler says his agency can’t come to terms with Energy Transfer Partners on clean-up costs and fines for environmentally damaging accidents its crews have had while building its Rover pipeline across Ohio.

Ohio Groups Oppose President Trump's FERC Nominees

Jul 4, 2017
photo of a Pipeline link

Local groups in Ohio and across the natural-gas-producing areas of the northeast are pressing for a rejection of President Trump’s nominees to the federal agency that oversees interstate pipeline projects. As WCPN's Matt Richmond reports for Ohio Public Radio, if approved, the nominees would restore a quorum at the agency, allowing it to resume issuing permits.

Cleanup of the Tuscarawas River wetlands spill

Builders of the Rover pipeline are going to have to do more testing and may have to pay a bigger penalty linked to the leaking of millions of gallons of drilling mud into a Stark County wetland in April. 

This week, the Ohio EPA said lab work found small amounts of diesel fuel in the lubricating mud that leaked into the wetland, and in mud being disposed of in a quarry south of Massillon.

Rover Spill Clean Up
Ohio EPA

A week ago, there were widespread reports that Ohio EPA fined the owners of the Rover pipeline for environmental violations during ongoing construction of the natural gas transmission system across northern Ohio.  But the fine was more a matter of definition.

OEPA did tell Rover’s parent corporation Energy Transfer that it will have to pay a penalty, in addition to cleaning up recent spills in Ohio, and change a number of its practices.