School report cards

Jo Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

Many Ohioans are not happy about the state’s new report cards after seeing grades for their school districts drop. Some state lawmakers are not happy about the change either.

Republican Representative Mike Duffey thinks the new grades being given to school districts by the Ohio Department of Education are bogus.

“To be totally honest, I think all of this report card system that we currently have basically needs to be thrown out and we need to start over.”

photo of Lorain City Schools logo

A second school district is now under increased state control after a series of poor report cards from the Ohio Department of Education. It seems to be going more smoothly than the first state intervention two years ago.

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A report commissioned by three groups representing traditional public schools shows what they call a strong link between student performance and household income. In other words, kids in wealthy districts do better on tests on average than kids in poor districts do. 

The report from the Ohio Education Policy Institute includes graphs that slant straight down – as the number of economically disadvantaged students rises in a district, the average student test score declines.

photo of Ohio school report cards

The Ohio Department of Education on Thursday released report cards evaluating all of the state’s schools. Nearly 60 percent of schools received a D or F grade for achievement.

photo of Peggy Lehner

The Ohio Department of Education plans to release its state school report cards tomorrow morning. And state leaders are telling parents, students and educators to brace themselves for significantly lower than usual grades.

The state has raised the bar on what qualifies as being proficient and how many students need to reach that standard to get a good report card grade.

Schools that are used to getting A’s and B’s could see their grades drop to D’s and even F’s.