Stand Your Ground

photo of Ohio Statehouse

The House and Senate are working on moving bills through their chambers through the next two weeks before going on summer break. This is a critical time for bills lawmakers want to pass assuming their next chance won’t be until after the November election.

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein and state Rep. David Leland are criticizing HB 228, a measure that would establish Ohio as a "Stand Your Ground" state while limiting local gun control measures.

Students stand outside the Ohio Senate Chamber
Jo Ingles / Statehouse News

About 200 of the Ohio students who walked out of their high schools this morning made their way to the Statehouse. They are activists turned student lobbyists who urged lawmakers to pass or reject some gun bills under consideration.

The students gathered outside the Senate chambers to tell lawmakers they want changes to make schools safer. Among them was Matthew Youkilias, a junior in the Walnut Hills School District near Cincinnati.

Photo of House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger

The controversial “Stand Your Ground” bill has stalled in the Ohio House. The measure, which makes it easier to use lethal force as self-defense, had its last hearing one day before the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla. Now, the House leader says it’s time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture on gun policies.

Kasich on Meet the Press Daily

Gov. John Kasich has gotten even more direct in his statements suggesting his views on gun regulations have changed. Even though he’s signed every law expanding gun rights he’s been presented with as governor, he says he won’t sign a controversial bill currently under consideration. 

In a departure from his usual statement that he doesn’t comment on legislation, Kasich said on NBC’s Meet the Press Daily that he’s pushing back on one of the 14 bills currently in the legislature that would expand gun rights.