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photo of Lorain Schools meeting

The new head of Lorain schools says he’ll restructure the high school experience in his district and offer universal pre-K by next school year. StateImpact Ohio’s Ashton Marra reports the district claims it can recover without increasing spending.

Thursday night, Lorain City Schools CEO David Hardy detailed the changes that are part of his five initiatives to turn around the struggling school district.

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When federal lawmakers return to Washington today, they’ll continue working on tax reform. StateImpact Ohio’s Ashton Marra reports the GOP plan includes a provision that supporters say would expand school choice options.

Both the House and Senate tax reform proposals include changes to the 529 college savings plan. 529s are tax-free investment accounts that are limited to paying for college expenses. GOP lawmakers want to expand their use allowing families to use up to $10,000 a year per account for K-12 private schools.

Cleveland is a health care town. Three of its largest employers are hospital systems. But when it comes to filling slots in medical manufacturing, One local company says the lack of training in local colleges and universities could be hindering the region’s growth.

“You are saving lives,” said John Kasich.

Ohio Graduation Rates Could Dip This Year

Sep 19, 2017
photo of Ohio Department of Education building

Overall, the high school graduation rate in Ohio has been climbing since 2010. But changes to federal education policies could cause a decrease this school year.

State report cards show the four-year high-xschool graduation rate reached more than 83 percent in the 2016-2017 academic year. But the federal Every Student Succeeds Act—or ESSA-- could impact that rate negatively, particularly for one group of students.

photo of Ohio Department of Education building

Ohio’s high school juniors may head into their summer break uncertain about what they need to do to earn a high school diploma. At the moment, they must reach a certain score on seven end of course tests. But as State Impact Ohio’s Mark Urycki reports, that is likely to change.

A workgroup suggested to the Ohio Board of Education this week that the Class of 2018 should be allowed to use other factors like attendance, grade point average and work-study experience to graduate.