Sara Kline

Stow Mayor Sara Kline is stepping down from her position after six years.

She had filed a police report last month in a dispute with a councilman, but says that has nothing to do with her resignation.

Kline has accepted a position in Cuyahoga Falls as the superintendent of Parks and Recreation.

A screenshot showing proposed changes from the OHM Advisors Plan.
OHM Advisors

The City of Stow has created a survey to check public opinion on proposed changes to its downtown.

When the results come back, city council will need to decide on whether to put out a call for partners to overhaul the downtown. 

Rob Kurtz, the Stow Planning Director, said changes to downtown aren’t just about finances.

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photo of Stow Municipal Building

Stow City Council has unanimously voted to fund a study on whether to create a walkable downtown retail district.

The new downtown would be on about 12 acres in and around the city’s post office and municipal complex at the corner of Graham Rd. and Rt. 91 – adjacent to where the old Stow-Munroe Falls High School once stood.