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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, Feb. 22:

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Here are your morning headlines for Friday, December 29:

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Homeowners across Ohio are racing to prepay their 2017 property taxes before year's end, in hopes of qualifying for a federal deduction before it's capped under the new tax law. But the rush is creating a uncertainty for both taxpayers and tax collectors.

Chris Hitchcock is Geauga County treasurer. He says although the county won't mail out tax bills until early January, his office is swamped with folks hoping to save money by prepaying their property taxes now.

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Republicans say the tax overhaul will create jobs. And while many policy experts disagree, one profession is almost certain to see a bump: tax preparers. But the question is, how are they reacting to the new law?

The new tax regime is supposed to make filing taxes simpler for most Americans.

But "I think there's going to be a lot of confusion," Lisa Vivens said.

Akron Public Schools Announcement

As Republican Congressional leaders work to merge their two versions of the federal tax overhaul, an Ohio teachers’ group says a small provision in those bills would have a big impact on local teachers. 

The House proposal -- approved before the Thanksgiving holiday -- wipes out a $250 tax deduction for teachers. The deduction helps them recoup what they spend annually on classroom supplies like books or crayons, says Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper.