Third Grade Reading Guarantee

photo of Paolo DeMaria

Two of Northeast Ohio’s largest school districts are asking the state to re-examine how students are scored on a test that all third-graders must pass.

Students who don’t pass the Third Grade Reading Guarantee on the first try have several chances for re-takes, sometimes with an alternative test. Officials in Akron and Canton – as well as Columbus -- say the minimum required score for the alternate tests shouldn’t be higher than the one for the standard test, and it creates an unfair disadvantage for students who may test differently.

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Three big school districts are pleading with state education officials to take a close look at what they think is a major discrepancy. This has to do with the tests given to see if a third-grader can advance to the next grade.

There are five tests a third-grader can take to assess their reading skills. There’s the state test or four alternative tests.