Tim Ryan

GM Lordstown plant

Lordstown may be out of the running as the site of a HomeGoods distribution center that would have created 1,000 jobs. And Mahoning Valley officials say finding another site for the company in the area may not be easy.

Tim Ryan

One Ohio Democratic congressman is giving qualified support to President Donald Trump’s proposal for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

The proposes adding 25 percent to the cost of imported steel and 10 percent to aluminum. Congressman Tim Ryan told NPR he favors targeted tariffs that penalize specific countries for unlawful trade practices.

Tim Ryan and Comeback Cities participants

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan says a visit by West Coast venture capitalists to the Midwest last week has paid its first dividend. 

The Comeback Cities tour highlighted entrepreneurs in Youngstown, Akron, Detroit, Flint and South Bend. Congressman Ryan, who sponsored the tour, said Robert Wolf of a fund called 32 Advisors, is pledging $100,000 in new money to a Flint startup initiative as a result of the tour.

Northeast Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan says he’s not hopeful that Congress will make meaningful changes in gun laws -- and has more faith that actions by private business will bring about reforms. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more on the congressman who once had the support of the NRA.

Ryan maintains the NRA continues to block what he calls even modest changes such as universal background-checks and raising the minimum age to buy assault weapons.


More than a dozen Silicon Valley venture capitalists are taking a closer look this week at what are often dismissed as rust-belt cities: places like Youngstown, Akron and Detroit. They’re trying to figure out if there’s a match to be made with their money and the region’s strengths. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports on the Akron stop on what’s being called the Comeback Cities tour.

The smell of the city’s rubber history still lingers in the stairwells in the old B.F. Goodrich plant on the south side of Akron’s downtown.