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Akron’s first financial empowerment center is due to open in February.

United Way of Summit County, the City of Akron and Huntington Bank are partnering to create the center, which will be in Kenmore.

Adrienne Bradley is the director of Financial Empowerment of United Way of Summit County. She says there’s a high need for financial assistance in Kenmore.

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A new report by United Way finds 40 percent of Summit County households cannot afford basic life essentials like food and housing.

According to the same report, more than half of Akron households cannot afford necessities.

Those families earn more than the official poverty level but less than the cost of living for the community.

United Way of Summit County is looking to change history -- both Summit County’s and its own.

The non-profit is going from coordinating the county-wide appeal for charitable giving, to running non-profit programs itself.