Youngstown State University

photo of Crosswalk Bucket

A Youngstown State University student group focused on city revitalization is doing its part to make downtown safer for pedestrians. The group, YSUscape, has installed what it calls “Crosswalk Buckets,” which hold brightly colored flags that pedestrians can wave while crossing the street.

Michael Hripko, the group’s faculty adviser, says he hopes the project benefits both students and residents in the downtown community.

photo of Cleveland City Hall

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photo of Jon Husted and Mike DeWine

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Youngstown State University is considering increasing tuition and fees for next year’s freshman class, despite a two-year tuition freeze approved by lawmakers in the state's current budget.

The university is relying on a 2013 law to implement a 6 percent increase for students who enroll next fall; the university would then freeze that rate, guaranteeing the class would pay the same price through their four years of school.