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Reconnecting You with the Political Process
Elections in the U.S. are supposed to be about choosing the person you feel best addresses your concerns and can do the job.  However, all too often these days, it's the candidates and their campaigns who are deciding what they believe are the driving issues, not the voters.  During the 2016 elections, the Ohio Media Project will work to shift the focus back to you.  WKSU News is collaborating with newspapers, radio and television stations across the state to give you an opportunity to reengage in the political process and help get your voice heard, because it's Your Vote Ohio.


Ways to Connect

Ohio Voters Measure the Presidential Candidates by Their Response to Terrorism

Sep 11, 2016
photo of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

You’re far more likely to die in a traffic accident than ina terrorist attack in Ohio. But arecent poll shows terrorism ranks among the top four concerns for Ohioans, while car accidents received no mention.

Fifteen years after the Sept. 11 attacks in New York, terrorism still shapes how people think and view the two major candidates for president.

The Choice Between Trump and Clinton Drives the 'Unpopular' Vote

Sep 4, 2016
photo of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

When Ohioans begin voting next month for the highest office in the land, hundreds of thousands of them will hold their noses and check the box for a candidate they don’t like, don’t trust and don’t respect.

A poll conducted for Your Vote Ohio, a consortium of Ohio news organizations, including this one, found the candidates have reached a level of unpopularity that may be unprecedented in the history of American politics.

Ohioans Have Been Bludgeoned with $50 Million in Negative Ads, and More Are coming

Sep 1, 2016
Campaign ads / WKSU

Frustrated and confused, Kathy Moore shook her head as the slow piano and scratchy images faded.

“Terrible,” she said of the latest political ads attacking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Moore, 49, of Akron, learned nothing from the illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees shown flooding into America as Clinton, in unrelated and doctored photos, smiled. Nor did Moore find useful a compilation of Trump’s more vulgar remarks, recorded at rallies and mixed with ominous shots of a storm brewing over the White House.

Your Vote Ohio Logo

“There, I played the race card,” said a woman who smacked the table then backed her chair away.

She was among 20 people at the Beacon Journal several nights ago discussing politics and news media, eating pizza and awaiting Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech.

“What if the things said by Donald Trump were coming from a black man?” she asked. He would have no chance of becoming a candidate, let alone president, she insisted.

Race not only haunts this election, but is at its core, she said.

But can we trust Clinton, others asked.

Current Political Climate Excites and Concerns a First-Time Voter

Aug 8, 2016
photo of Theresa Cottom

The day I turned 18, my AP government teacher wished me a happy birthday and handed me a voter registration form.

Gee thanks, I wanted to say, but politics aren’t really my forte. I didn’t understand it, didn’t care for it, but most of all, didn’t think my vote would make a difference.