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Elections in the U.S. are supposed to be about choosing the person you feel best addresses your concerns and can do the job.  However, all too often these days, it's the candidates and their campaigns who are deciding what they believe are the driving issues, not the voters.  During the 2016 elections, the Ohio Media Project will work to shift the focus back to you.  WKSU News is collaborating with newspapers, radio and television stations across the state to give you an opportunity to reengage in the political process and help get your voice heard, because it's Your Vote Ohio.


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When it comes to seeing the poor as a concern for the government, those who profess the Christian religion in Ohio aren’t in the front ranks. The unchurched are.

A survey of 1,000 Ohioans jointly conducted for The Ohio Media Project/WKSU found that people who claim no religious affiliation are more than twice as likely to see poverty and-or inequality as the top concern in the upcoming election as those claiming a Christian affiliation.

Steel production has been part of the middle class

 If you’re born poor in America, you’re likely to end up that way. Born rich, it’s likely to stay that way. A new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland confirms that achieving the American Dream may be growing harder. For many of the Ohioans who took a recent University of Akron Bliss Institute poll, the study confirms what their guts were already telling them this election season.

What a Troubled Economy Could Mean for This Year's Election

Jun 27, 2016
photo of Cory Maidens

The economy.

It’s what Ohioans most often say when asked what troubles them. But what they mean when they say “the economy” requires asking when they were born and how life’s been since they began working.

Ohioans, like most Americans, have fractured views of how to strengthen the fragile economic recovery of the past eight years, though many vaguely agree that more good-paying jobs might do it.

Much of that comes from perspective. Those who entered the work force in the last 15 years haven’t tasted the good times.

Ohioans Express Disgust with a Government that Can't Resolve Big Problems

Jun 26, 2016
Lines for voting in Summit County

Editor's note: This is the first of a series of stories this week on the issues Ohioan's have identified heading into the November election -- and ways they think the nation should deal with them.  

In this divisive election year, Ohioans agree on two things:

They are not happy. And they doubt the presidential candidates will change that.

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Note: This story is part of Your Vote Ohio, a political collaboration of WKSU, the Beacon Journal and other media in Ohio focused on reshaping politics and political coverage in Ohio this election year.